Our admission process has one mission: to identify applicants, who as individuals and as a group, will enrich and benefit from the campus learning environment and the entire student body.

Our admission committee is comprised of a team of professionals who undertake an individualized, rigorous and holistic review of each application, assessing academic merit, achievements and potential in the context of the opportunities and challenges the student faced.

We are charged with admitting and enrolling the most talented, diverse and interesting class possible. With such a large and strong pool of students to review, our task is daunting—but the results are impressive. Our students are smart, involved, curious,  innovative and above all pioneers in Islamic Service.

At Azharul Uloom, we value all of your strengths and talents. We know there is more to you than grades and scores. While they are important, we also want to know about your interests and background and what makes you unique.