We firmly believe that a successful student must have an experience on serving the local and global community.

Focusing on co-curriculum activities and for a successful teamwork, all students were consolidated under the umbrella of students union, named as DISA (DARUNNAJATH IDEAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION).

Looking forward on the potentiality of each student, DISA offers a range of activities that allow all the students to develop their unique talents and personal qualities.

There are extensive extra curriculum programmes under DISA with its sub associations.


Aims and Functions

  • Developing organizational skills among stuents.
  • Making experience to carry out educational and co-curriculum activities.
  • Sharpening the potentiality of students
  • To consolidate the students activities


Executive is the organ exercising authority and holds the managerial power for putting decisions or laws into effect.

Executives are the selected representatives from each class.

Resource Forum

This committee is intended to develop various skills of the students’ verbal and written such as public allocation in Arabic, English, Urdu as well as in their mother tongue Malayalam, celebrating language weeks and so on.

Library board

It is the main source to fulfill the quest of knowledge by making accessible to students for reference or borrowing. It provides the periodicals in various languages. Library board also conducts the variety of programmes to make the students a thirsty of reading.

Editorial Board

Editorial boards are intended to publish written and printed magazines in four languages (Arabic, English, Malayalam and Urdu). It also works for publishing books and newspapers.

Social Affairs

It is an active wing to safeguard the sanitation and hygiene of the campus targeting on healthy and green campus.

Store Committee

It works as an in-house store to fulfill the daily requirements and usual needs of the students with affordable prices.

Medical Board

Medical board is to have a quick treatment and first aid of any accidental cases. It also conducts programmes to keep awareness of health.

GK Club

GK club serves to know the current affairs and discussions on political and social issues.

Auditing Board

Auditing board is to check and verify the activities of all divisions and to give proper directions to ensure ideological programmes and functions of each association.