Knowledge Village Kochi

This well intentioned educational project implemented in Azharul Uloom compound is a joint venture of Ernakulum District Muslim Association of Qatar (EDMAQ) and Azhart rust. It is expected to become a true center of learning with facutly for primary, technical, vocational education and advanced studies. Its first enterprise “Amal Public School” becomes a realtiy.

Azharul uloom is envisioned as an integrated center of advanced learning that will in years to come become a leading center of Islamic research.To make this vision fulfil huge financial resources are necessary. Immediate concern is the completion of the construction of the main building and the building of teacher’s quarters. A lady’s hostel at Aluva is also being planned as source of working capital for the Institution.

Azharul Uloom is a responsibiltiy of the entire Muslim Communtiy and hence we look upon benevolent, God fearing men and women to cotnribute generously to this noble endeavor. May Almigthy Allah bestow this institution with a bright future.